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KIAMA Lions Club (Inc)

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Driver Reviver

During holiday times our lions members and volunteers take our Caravan to the Nungarry rest area on the Princes Highway at Dunmore and provide refreshments for travellers breaking their journey. This is community service at the most basic and important level. It is a very rewarding activity and we get to interact with so many interesting travellers.

Stop Revive Survive - Fatigue - Staying safe - NSW Centre for Road Safety

return and earn

This has become an important fundraising activity for our Lions Club, especially in these covid-19 times, when traditional fundraising activities are not available. This activity involves a team of lions collecting bottles and cans from businesses and other locations, sorting them, taking them to the return and earn station and processing them for a refund. The new trailer, sponsored by Convoy for kids, has become invaluable for this operation.

It is a lot of work for the dedicated team but the funds raised are very welcome and 100% of them are used for community support projects, including for children.

Home - Return and Earn NSW

Bunnings BBQ

When invited by Bunnings our club operates the BBQ. Whilst this has been a reduced operation during these covid times it is an important fund raiser for the club. The lions who participate enjoy the day interacting with the public and the funds raised are invaluable for community projects.

Carers Cottage

The Lions Carers Cottage, in Shoalhaven Street opposite Kiama Bowling Club, is an exciting project allowing local Lions clubs to mark the Centenary of Lions International. This has been a combined effort by members of Kiama, Gerringong, and Minnamurra Lions clubs

For further info & photos follow link:

/files/kiama.nsw/The Lions Club of Kiama Centenary project.pdf

Kiama Lions Garden

In Collins St, at the northern end of the terrace shops, there is a beautiful garden walk towards Hindmarsh park. We have a dedicated lions team who get together every Wednesday morning to maintain and develope this garden.

Xmas Cakes and Puddings

Xmas would not be the same without a lions Xmas cake and pudding. They are of top quality and value. This is always a great fund raiser for the club and we greatly appreciate the businesses who display them for sale. These include:

Amaki Café, Amcal Chemist, Angels Hair, Blooms Chemist, Commonwealth Bank, IMB, Kiama Medical Centre, Kiama Pharmacy, Kiama Vets, NAB, Stone Wall Café and Westpac

The Lions Christmas Cake and Pudding program has been a major fund-raising project of Lions Australia since 1965 and raised more than $56 million. The proceeds from this project are donated back into the community on great causes including Blindness Prevention and Vision improvement projects, Medical Research, Children’s Mobility Foundation, Eye Health Program, Hearing Dogs, Disaster Relief, Aged Care, Drug Awareness, Youth Programs.

Lions mints

These have been on display in many businesses for many years. They are a convenient buy and a steady source of funds to be used in the community.

Kiama Lions Cancer Care Trust


The Lions Club of Kiama Inc. Cancer Care Trust was set up as a fund by the Board of our club in 1994. A committee was formed to advise the board on a practical way such a fund could be utilised to help citizens of the Kiama Municipality with cancer or their carers. Following their report, the original trustees were appointed with Past President Gerry McInerney as Chair. A decision was made to restrict assistance to those areas where government or non-government assistance was unavailable, those that fell “between the cracks”, so to speak.


Referrals for assistance would normally come from palliative care doctors and nurses, general practitioners, community nurses and community pharmacists. In accordance with the Governing Document only citizens of the Municipality of Kiama who are cancer patients or carers of same will be considered.

Friends and neighbours who believe they know of someone they believe might be eligible should contact the Chair, in the first instance, with regard to the proper process. Privacy requirements are paramount and patient or carer permission must be obtained.


All palliative care patients are entitled to have their medications paid for during their terminal stage, up to the value of $200 per month. This will be granted automatically on confirmation from the health practitioners mentioned above. Amounts above this figure will be considered by the trustees on a case by case basis and if possible would generally be favourably received.

A cancer patient with dependent children and an invalid spouse may be eligible for a weekly contribution towards food.

A spouse may be looking after their partner on a twenty-four basis, seven days a week. The trustees would consider providing a sitter so that the carer can get some respite, go to a movie, have a game of bowls, etc.

Following the shock of diagnosis of cancer, a patient may wish to attend a weekend seminar for the newly diagnosed, where experts from many fields would discuss the implications and appropriate approaches to lifestyle, financial planning, making a will, etc. The trust could pay the expenses involved.

A sole parent with children may need a break of a few days away. The trustees might well consider subsidising this.

N.B. These are only a few examples. If the request is reasonable and not covered by another agency, the trustees will consider it.


One requirement of the Governing Document is that the amount used for assistance annually must not exceed the value of dividends and interest received in the preceding year less expenses. The purpose of this is to maintain the asset base so the fund can operate continuously. To allow for the affect of inflation on the assert base it is regularly increased by monies collected by Lions from the community.

Contributions from the citizens of the municipality to the trust over the last twenty six years, through Kiama Lions, have seen the asset base, which includes investments in accordance with government regulations for charities ($201,784) and bank deposits ($15,258) reach $217,032 at the end of the 2018-9 financial year. Monies available for dispersal this financial year total $15,460. Over $200,000 has been used to assist cancer sufferers and their carers since the formation of the trust. Donations for cancer research in the Illawarra are permissible with monies not allocated for standard purposes during each year. The Robert East Cancer Research Trust at the University of Wollongong has benefited with $15,000 donated from our trust.

The Australian Tax Office has granted Deductible Gift Recipient status to the trust, so that any donations over $2 may be claimed as a tax deduction.


The trust is operated independently of the Board of Kiama Lions by trustees appointed by the Board from time to time. Currently the trustees include two with a financial background, two with experience as health practitioners and the immediate Past Treasurer of the Lions Club of Kiama Inc.

The trust operates in accordance with a Governing Document registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission to which it reports annually. Its accounts are audited by the same auditors that Kiama Lions use.

The names of those applying for assistance are only revealed to the chair.  Fellow trustees make decisions not knowing the identity of the person for whom they are being made. There is no means test. Meetings are held as required when such decisions have to be made and may be done in person, by email or telephone conference. Generally, decisions are made within twenty-four hours of receipt of the application. Where the application involves a cost less than $200 the Chair had delegated authority to make a decision.


The current trustees are: Past President Gerry McInerney – Chair, Lion (Dr) David Grant, Lion Graham Bradley, Past President John Larkin. (Normally there would be five trustees but Graham Bradley, appointed for his financial acumen previously, also happens to be the Immediate Past Treasurer, so he technically fills two spots. The Board of Kiama Lions may appoint a further trustee.)


Lions Club of Kiama Inc. Cancer Care Trust, PO Box 395, Kiama NSW 2533

Gerry McInerney, Chair: 0417 476 404

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